For super athletes

Descent 36 km 1 day

The most intense formula we can offer sportsmen and women in search of sensations and unforgettable physical adventure, the 36 km one-day course.

Diff. technical:

Diff. physics:

Sailing time: 7 to 8 hours*.

Number of rapids: 11


1-day 36 km canoe-kayak trip down the Ardèche river

The descent in detail

Le Pont d’Arc

Passage under the arch

Total rapids

11 rapids to cross


3 slides to cross

The one-day 36 km canoe trip down the Ardèche is “the” formula for experienced sportsmen and women! This is the longest route we can offer you in just one day, and you’ll need to be prepared for a fairly intense physical effort to reach the landing stage at Sauze and complete the entire descent of the Ardèche (see map).

With several dyke crossings via toboggans at the start of the run, and a passage under the majestic Pont d’Arc, you’ll leave the day with plenty of memories.

Descent information

Difficulty: Very sporty

Public: Adults and children aged 7 and over

Duration: Approximately 7h to 8h (*time given for guidance only)

Return shuttles: Between 4 and 5 p.m. in Sauze

One-day 36 km canoe-kayak trip down the Ardèche river

Arrivals and departures

Departure time: Between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. non-stop

Departure base: Mazes landing stage*.

Arrival time: Between 4pm and 5pm

Arrival base: Sauze landing stage (final finish)

* Understanding the departure base

The specific departure base for this descent is located at the Accroche Toi Aux Branches park in Vallon Pont d’Arc (see access map). You must go as a priority to this treetop adventure park where you will find the corresponding pier.

You’ll experience an incredible 36 km canoeing adventure in one full day. Explore the wonders of the Ardèche at your own pace, making the most of every moment.

Our qualified team guarantees you a champion briefing before you set off, ensuring both safety and fun. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a recreational sportsman, our 36 km tour is for you.

Book your dream day with Viking Bateaux now and get ready to discover the spectacular gorges, crystal-clear waters and natural beauty of the Ardèche in an unrivalled way. Create lasting memories as you explore the region on this extraordinary canoe-kayak adventure!

40 Internet prices* *Special Internet adult price for children aged 15 and over up to 9 people.

*Up to 20% immediate discount per person on the adult in-store price.